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Need to get your startup idea off the ground?  If you are only at the idea stage – and need to get your idea into action, take your first step today by trying our online planning tool for Startup CEOs – this has been rated very highly by users! Gary also has worked with early stage startup CEOs to finalize their strategic plans, build an investor profile, make connections in the market, build software development specs, establish partnerships, and more!


Gary can provide advice on getting your idea from concept stage, to development, and in the hands of a customer. That’s because Gary loves helping people, and he has experience. Gary is advising and coaching many startup CEOs, and sits on the board of local startup accelerators and incubators.  As an example, check out Cultivate, a unique asset for startups in the Columbus Ohio area.  Gary is on the Cultivate Board of Directors and is working with the Cultivate CEO to build that business from scratch – to a highly successful profitable startup business today! Gary can assist you too – in many areas of your business – including organization and hiring, sales and partnerships, marketing and new product development, and leadership development. Gary also provides hands-on support. It starts with 8 low-cost startup services to help you get your startup moving and expanding – ask Gary about the 8 services today!


Gary has started up 4 companies in the last 8 years! Check out Gary’s most recent startup company, Med-Compliance IQ, which has raised nearly $1M in funding (grants and investors) and have customers and revenue.  Their first product is a health care software application that utilizes image analytics and artificial intelligence to help heal chronic wounds!  The company just won a conference Shark Tank award in Atlanta!  Learn more about  WoundWiseIQ!

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