Team Motivation

If your team is inspired, you will be inspired.  Have you considered ways that might motivate your team?  I am your business coach and your life coach.  Below are some examples of ways that we can help to motivate your teams to reach hire and achieve!


Group Motivational Talks

I speak to churches and other support groups on ‘How to Overcome Major Life Challenges’.  Speeches range from 15-40 minutes and the goal is to inspire the audience about the need to develop all facets of their life (professional, mental, spiritual, and physical).

Keynotes and Workshops

Having a team meeting or retreat?  I can talk for 20 minutes and get the team fired up in a direction that supports your goals.  I can also do a wide variety of 2 hour workshops to help you motivate the team in a specific direction.   Check out my current list of workshops here!

Talking with Youth

I recently completed my Alma Mater High School Commencement and enjoy talking to youth about their future and the opportunities in front of them!  Having a young daughter and son myself, I can relate to their challenges and their excitement and their awesome potential to bring a positive message!

Track and Field Announcing

I am the home track and field announcer for D1 Olentangy Liberty High School where they call me the Voice of the Patriots!  My goal is to make the meet entertaining and interesting for those participating and watching, to recognize as many athletes as possible, and to help the coaching staff run a smooth, successful home meet!  I have also announced local 5K races.

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