Develop, Build, Become

Sometimes it is easier to talk with someone who has been in your shoes.  That’s where a coach like Gary can help you; to work alongside you and help you stay on track and win!  Working together, Gary will fight for your success and help inspire you to the next level!


Develop your Personal Brand

Transitioning into the next step in your career means developing a strong personal brand.  That starts with developing not only a powerful resume but an impressive and professional online profile to showcase your career highlights and experience. Work with Gary to develop your social profile, your resume and your cover letter – to make you stand out.
Check out Gary’s Top 5 Leadership Values.  Maybe these can inspire you to develop your own value list!

Build your Skills

Gary has been an executive in both large and small firms, and in family, private and Fortune 500 companies. He can share ideas with you and help you be ready for tough questions and challenges as you make your next career move.  We will use concepts from Gary’s book, The Growth Cube, to help put you in position to impress the people who are going to hire you next!


Become an Expert Networker

Networking is the key to opening new doors.   Work with Gary to learn proven techniques for connecting with professionals and executives.  This will not only help you personally, but will help in establishing solid company partnerships.  Gary will also introduce you to key people in his network to help you grow.


In recent survey feedback from Gary’s Career Coaching customers, here are the top 3 attributes they love most about working with Gary:

  • “Gary’s ability to help me uncover opportunities”
  • “Introductions to Gary’s network”
  • “Gary’s overall positive attitude and encouragement”


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