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Whether you are a CEO client of mine, or a personal friend, I want to work alongside you and help you win!  We can succeed together.  Not just because of my experience leading companies and families just like yours, in shoes just like yours – but because I will fight for your success.  Because of my values and ethics.  I will not let you down.
Here are some examples of career advice activities that I have completed recently:

Transitioning and Next Career Steps

I have helped those in transition or looking to make the next big step in their career. I have given job direction and resume/bio advice, and provided ideas for leveraging social media and LinkedIn.  I have developed the Ross Networking program to formalize his program for building strong personal networks. I offer free advice on your Resume/LinkedIn and am available to help you update both for a small fee in most cases.  Also, check out the Events page – I have two upcoming workshops on “Gary’s Guide to Networking with Executives’!


I have actively mentored Ohio State University students as part of OSU’s MBA Mentoring program and also recently completed a commencement speech at my High School Alma Mater, where I introduced ‘9 Tips for the Graduating Senior’. I have also provided resume / LinkedIn support to graduating students.

Family Success and Work / Life Balance

I have had a successful marriage and two successful children currently in college. I share my experience and advice in areas such as: Balancing work and family, Keys to a successful marriage, Evaluating colleges with your son or daughter, and Travel tips for staying close to your family. I can also help you create a successful marriage: I am a certified wedding minister in the state of Ohio and has married 4 couples in the past 5 years!

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