Inspire Your Team

Inspiring Your Team is about getting people involved, setting a target, and celebrating success! I can work with you and your team to bring my skill, passion and energy to the success of your team or organization and make sure we get the results you desire.
I can work with you during one of your teambuilding meetings or staff meetings and conduct a workshop to get everyone working together and having fun at the same time. Example workshops that I can lead with your team:
  • Growth Cube planning will unlock the growth ideas and provide focus to your most important growth initiatives.  Based on my Growth Cube™ process.
  • Teambuilding and team culture utilizing concepts from the books “How Google Works’ and/or ‘Energy Bus’.
  • Accelerating your sales and marketing pipeline, including velocity improvement and dashboard development.
  • Operations workshop focusing on achieving 99% customer retention, profit improvement ideas, metrics tracking, and streamlining opportunities.
  • Putting in a formal People-Planning process that supports your strategic plans, based on Emerson’s world-renown program for managing its key leader career paths.
Workshops are conducted in team-oriented brainstorming fashion utilizing breakouts and are led by me to make sure we get involvement – and leave with defined action plans and next steps.  Need a motivational speaker for your organization or team meeting – let me help  you get everyone motivated around a theme and reinforce some of the ideas you are trying to implement with your team!
 Additional areas of focus:
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Conflict Management
  • Growing Your Business
  • Team Building
  • Selling Smarter
  • Associate Communication and Involvement
  • Customer Focus
  • Creating an Agile Environment (e.g. Agile meetings)
  • Social Media Marketing and Generating More Leads
  • Creating Dashboards to see the business

You can check out some of the workshops, speaking engagements, focus groups and other events that I have been actually doing for my clients – at my events page.   Contact me and Inspire Your Team today!




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