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Inspiring Your Company is about realizing the full potential of your business.  I provide the spark you need to move things forward!  As an experienced CEO myself for the past 17 years, and now helping other entrepreneurial C-level executives through my coaching practice, I can guide you.  Here is my process:

1. AUDIT – I will spend time with you over a 1- to 2-month period to learn your business, what you are currently doing, and what you want to do; and I will audit your business across my 6 key Growth dimensions.

2. STRATEGY –  We will complete a strategy document together – outlining where we are today and where we can go in the future – broken down across all 6 dimensions of the Growth Cube.
3. EXECUTE – Together, we will prioritize the strategies and develop an execution plan against those top priorities.  And I will help you get them done!


My passion for leadership will be displayed when we meet!  But you can get a taste from my blogs and from my events.

Let’s meet and talk about your business and your personal goals and see if we have a match!

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