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I’m Gary Ross

My Passion: To Inspire You!

The creation of my company in 2014 was not the result of me leading a ‘storybook’ career. Rather, like you, I have stumbled and I have made mistakes. At every level of my career, from the first time I managed people… to running a global services organization for a Fortune 500 company… to being the CEO of two family owned software companies for over ten years… and most recently as CEO of my own startup company. Early on I realized the blessings of not just my successes, but of the challenging times too. Looking back, I applied principles that helped me achieve my potential, inspire others and make a lasting impact on the lives of many people.

Have you considered a business coach for yourself?  Someone that has walked in your shoes as a CEO.  I have recently published a book called  The Growth Cube that I think you will love! I am so excited to share my stories and my best ideas with you! It’s about how to unlock the growth potential of your company – and you as a leader! It is my greatest wish that you will be inspired to apply my lessons to your career and life and enjoy even greater success.  You can find my book on Amazon.  And check out easy and low-cost ways to get started with me and work together as your business coach – to get you to the next level of success!

“This is the best financial and cash position we have ever been in!”
Matt Yerkes, CEO, Cultivate (April 2022)
(Gary worked closely with Matt as a Cultivate board member for the past 5 years)

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16 Years as a Software and Services President
Managed services, technology and software P&L’s ranging from $10M to $150M. 11 years combined tenure as leader of two software companies since. 12 years of global experience including 2-year European relocation. For the past 3 years, I am now learning new ideas working alongside innovative CEOs as part of my consulting business.

Customer Engagement and Sales Focused
Sales and Marketing background and customer engagement skills provide spark plug for top-line growth. Proud of my career 99% customer retention rate! My approach is to be personally involved with customers and to understand how to build awesome products and services to help them achieve their goals with their customer.

Experience in Innovation and Product Development
22 years success launching new products, new units, and new start-up businesses. ‘Customers for Life’ approach will grow SaaS and subscription models. Successfully implemented SaaS model, eCommerce software, cloud computing/telephony, and technical infrastructure.

Blue Chip Management Background
14 years of progressive roles as a member of Emerson’s senior management – one of Americas most admired companies. Promoted 4 times at Emerson, including the last president role running the largest service business in Emerson managing 600 associates. Have now transitioned big company experience into success implementing tools and management techniques into smaller software and service companies as a President/CEO.

Success with Startups and Investors
I have started up 2 companies in the past 3 years, including my most recent, Med-Compliance IQ which is taking a new healthcare technology product developed out of OSU Medical Center, to a successful market launch.  Prior to this, I have already had success raising private equity capital for a $20M company.

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